Disco Domes Price Cuts!

We have slashed the prices on our Disco Domes! An amazing addition to your party, whether it be in your back garden or at a venue. They come with a Disco light and a quality bluetooth speaker that can connect to your smart device, to play all the latest tunes. Book yours now!

disco dome

hall green inflatables

Promoting for Model My Party!

If you have made it onto this page it means you interested in being a member of the Model My team and we hope you enjoy promoting for us. This job will give many opportunities to earn a lot of money from sitting at your computer or using your phone for an amount of time that suits you. The more you put into it, the more you will earn. There are many Bonuses to be earnt and free parties to attend so thank you for joining us and if you have any questions please ask.

What you need to do

First off all you will need to change your middle name on Facebook too ModelMy...it allows people on there that type model my in the search bar to find a promoter easily. If you do not wish to do so on your main account you can also make a new account just for promoting. Secondly decide if you wish to be paid by cash or via Paypal. If you wish to use paypal please inbox 'Ashley ModelMy Brown' on facebook and send your email address. Or use our contact page that you will find in the navigation box above.

What you need to know

Firstly you need to take a look at the bouncy castles we have to offer. At the moment we offer 3 sizes, with more to come this summer. All the castles can be used by kids, or a small amount of adults, prices start from £60. All castles can be used indoors as well as outside. We deliver to the whole of the West Midlands for free. You can find out more information about the bouncy castles here click here
 All Promoters will be given a unique code, that you should give to all your referrals in order to secure your commission.

How to get customers

You can advertise on your Facebook, twitter, phone or just word of mouth. Using statuses, pictures and tweets ect...you can share them directly from the  'brown's bouncy castle' Facebook page or you can create your own ways of getting leads to bookings yourself. Feel free to copy the pictures on this site or to link our booking page to all your leads which can be found here Booking page at the bottom of this page there is a Promotional Code slot for all your referrals to enter your personalised code. If you are having difficulties starting up and getting bookings Please ask 'Ashley Modelmy Brown' for advice on facebook, or it may just be the typical English bad weather putting people off. If you are Promoting well and the sun is shining people will book dont worry, even if it is still chilly. Once you get your first booking they will keep coming in as you get the hang of it.

Image description

This is an example of how you can advertise on Facebook. By inviting people to talk to you allows you to engage in the minor details to secure a sale. Not only that they will need to go through you to get to us, meaning they will get your code which will eventually turn into commission for you.